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Schwartz's Heating and Cooling
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by Anonymous on Schwartz's Heating and Cooling

Called before arrival. Extremely knowledgeable helpful tips for Homeowner professional and polite.

by Anonymous on Schwartz's Heating and Cooling

Very professional and honest! Would recommend to anyone

by Nikki Cox on Schwartz's Heating and Cooling

One time friendly and very professional i will definitely be recommending them to neighbors!

by Anonymous on Schwartz's Heating and Cooling

Very pleased with Schwartz's HVAC. The gentleman took the time to explain things

by Jason & Jennifer Altwies on Schwartz's Heating and Cooling

This company is top notch. They take the time to care, explain what they are doing, and how they are going to solve the problem. I was so impressed with the professionalism and great service. I will be requesting this company again.

by Cecilia Seymour on Schwartz's Heating and Cooling

I was very pleased with service I received. Mike is very knowledgeable and professional.

by Michael Rhoades on Schwartz's Heating and Cooling

Great professional staff. Helpful in showing how everything works and how it was not working and what they did to fix it. Would recommend.

by Jason VanSickle Shannon Anderson on Schwartz's Heating and Cooling

Very quick, knowledgeable, and friendly.

by Joyce Giffel on Schwartz's Heating and Cooling

Excellent Service and coverage.

by Nancy & Gary Hannah on Schwartz's Heating and Cooling

Excellent timeliness, professionalism, and furnace repaired.

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Schwartz’s heating and cooling has done a very proficient job on my heating and cooling unit at my parents home. The workers were respectful of both the home and pets, they were clean and honest. They never over charged or sold my parents products they didnt need. If my parents ever had an issue, the company sent someone out right away. Honest, hard working family business that wont take advantage!! They are honest and arent out to make a quick dollar.

Colleen Bess, from Google

The Rheem Mod 90 furnace produces the most even heat I have ever experience (no temperature swings at all), which has allowed me to set my thermostat 5 to 7 degrees lower than I did with my old oil furnace to achieve the same degree of comfort and save a lot of money in the process. The special thermostat that comes with the furnace is also precise, and I have never seen the actual room temperature vary more than .5 degree from the thermostat set temperature.

The Rheem Mod 90 is the quietest furnace I have ever owned. While the burner and fan operate frequently (25% more than my oil furnace did), you can barely hear either one. The only time I ever hear the furnace (fan) is when I raise the thermostat more than five degrees at one time (for example, to re-heat my house when I return home after being gone for a few days, during which I lowered the temperature considerably). Once that job is complete, it reverts back to near-silent mode.

The Mod 90 can bring my cool house (60 degrees) back to my normal temperate (65-67 degrees) very quickly… in only 30 minutes or so. This observation was surprising; especially since the exhaust temperate is so cool (150-160 degrees at most). What this tells me is that most of the heat energy from the propane I’m burning is going to my house rather than out the exhaust pipe.

Despite losing 48,400 BTU’s (35%) of the “heating power” for each gallon of fuel I use now (140,000 BTU’s/gal for oil previously compared to 91,600 BTU’s/gal for propane now), I have used just slightly more propane during each of the past 2 heating seasons than I used during the last two years I was burning oil (700 gallons/year for oil versus 750 gallons/year for propane). Considering that the Rheem Mod 90 runs 25% more than my oil furnace did, this fuel savings is obviously due to the Mod 90’s dramatically increased efficiency compared to my old oil furnace.

I have experience no problems during the two consecutive heating seasons that I have used the Rheem Mod 90 furnace. I simply set it at the time I turn the heat on in the fall and forget it until I turn it off in the spring. Unlike my oil furnace, I Don’t have to service the Rheem Mod 90 every year either (except for changing the air cleaner media, which only takes 10-15 minutes). I don’t miss having to do extra service work, nor the associated expense.

I had my doubts regarding many of the things I was told by Schwartz Heating & Cooling about the Rheem Mod 90 furnace before I finally bought one, but I can tell you now… after two years of real world experience…that there were no misrepresentations whatsoever. This furnace does precisely what the manufacturer and Schwartz Heating & Cooling say it will do… and it is definitely worth the small additional price you will pay over a non-modulating high-efficiency furnace. Based on the fuel savings alone (excluding maintenance costs of my old oil furnace), the Rheem Mod 90 furnace should pay for itself in another 2 years or so (a 4 year payback period, more or less).

The tear-out and installation job I received form Schwartz Heating & Cooling was also top notch in every respect. They made no mistakes, so there was no need for any correction. They also did the work when promised, at the price quoted, and with no cost over-runs or unwanted items tacked-on. Once the job began, they worked on it every day, all day until it was completed, rather than doing things in a start/stop/piece-meal fashion like many contractors do.

My overall satisfaction with the products and the job performed is 100%. If you want a first-rate product coupled with a first-rate installation, Schwartz Heating & Cooling is the place to go.

Gary Gillette, Galesburg Michigan

Schwartz’s did a fantastic job installing our Rheem furnace at the end of December. Even though they were busy, Mike and his son made sure the unit was installed before the tax rebate ended at the end of the year. They gave the best price in town on a top of the line furnace. Unlike the other quotes, they did not try to also convince us to buy a new air conditioning unit. Mike is one of the few contractors that I have worked with that I found to be very honest and trustworthy. I could have done everything with a handshake and felt confident that the job would have been done right. They even cleaned the area up upon completion and left the furnace area cleaner than they found it. We are very happy with the furnace and the job that was done. Don’t get over charged by the other HVAX companies in Kalamazoo. If you need a new furnace or other type of HVAC system, give Mike Schwartz a call.

Tom, from Yahoo